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The Immense Amount of PICS Research Over the Past 12 Years Calls for a Primary Repository

So much has been written about PICS over the past 10-12 years. There seems to be new research every few days. Keeping track of the work done by countless talented researchers around the world is a daunting task.

We have established a new group on LinkedIn for that purpose of establishing a point resource to serve as a primary centralized location for depositing and sharing all of the incredible research being done around the world, related to PICS.

Such a repository could beat great resources for getting new PICS research into the hands of as many people as possible, as quickly as possible.

Through a simple cooperative effort, there's no reason why this group could not also serve as a primary go-to resource for anyone interested in learning about PICS.

We hope that researchers recognize that sharing the results of new investigations about PICS with this group should lead to more people choosing to access to their original work.

In addition to the above, well run LinkedIn groups, with a large membership and original written discussion, will definitely create SEO benefits for your group. This will likely result in this group popping up on the top half of search engines for keywords related to PICS. This will greatly augment the amount of searchers who will find our group and its featured contributors.

In other words, this group will have the added benefit of serving as a landing page for people searching for find new PICS research. Including people who reside in all countries involved in the study of PICS.

Of course, we understand the importance of protecting copyrighted materials. Because of that understanding, we will encourage members to share links to their research publications.

Because LinkedIn has members from countries across the globe, this group had the opportunity to become an international forum for PICS debate and discussion.

There is no better way for all of us to improve ICU patient outcomes than through the sharing of information about PICS with everyone vested in improving the lives of future, former ICU patients.

If this group can grow into becoming an open access forum for researchers, students, critical care medical professionals, other types of medical professional, even insurance company decision makers, hospital administrators, former ICU patients, family members of an ICU patients, then we will have done a great service.

Therefore, pease consider joining this group and sharing your knowledge, and expertise about PICS.

If you believe, as we do, that getting the word out about PICS to as many people as possible is mission one, please join this group.

If you believe that actively participate in a well-built group, will benefit all who are traversing the long road ahead for finding solutions to the many issues related to PICS, then please join this group.

Thank you.


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