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PICS "Self Test"

If you believe that you have​ ​PICS​ then please share your self-test results with medical professionals. This test CANNOT diagnosis ​PICS​. Only a doctor or qualified mental health professional can make a diagnosis of PICS​. To further explore whether you may be a PICS sufferer, some things to consider include​:

● Tell family members and/or caregivers about your condition, so they can understand, support and help you find appropriate medical treatments.

● Educate yourself about PICS, so you can better understand what you are experiencing, you can find detailed research and other information at:

● Make an appointment with your primary care physician and bring your self-test results with you to the appointment.


+ Please carefully review the disclaimers, disclosures and privacy policy detailed on our website at:

++ This self-test and all communications with After the ICU are subject to the terms and conditions set forth at

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