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Check Out the New AICU PICS Library

After the ICU's website is in need of a facelift. Work has begun to update this valuable resource.

First on the list of updates is a comprehensive PICS library. The AICU library will contain as many materials as we can find about Post Intensive Care Syndrome. Our library will be easy to search using keywords or by accessing our sortable index.

We have already loaded over 200 media items to our library and we have a small team of volunteers assisting us with our research and vetting of additional materials to add to our library. Our mission is to make our library a great research tool for anyone interested in learning about PICS and PICS-F.

We invite everyone to submit materials for addition to our library. Please submit your materials for inclusion in our library, by sending them to Please include any provisos that you would like included with your submission. If you are not interested in being credited for your submission, please let us know.

After the ICU is working hard to be your "go to" resource about the constantly evolving area of PICS.


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