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New PICS Group on LinkedIn!

There's a new group listed on LinkedIn titled Post Intensive Care Syndrome.

Here is a link to view and join this group:

Our group's first goal is to spread the news about our group, and to recruit as many members as possible.

We're excited at the prospect of having a large community of post intensive care syndrome LinkedIn group members for several reasons:

  1. To provide educational resources to former ICU patients, their caregivers & families, the medical community, and the public.

  2. To share our belief that everyone in the medical community that provides direct care to people in the ICU, and that is involved in the aftercare of former ICU patients, plays an important role in educating themselves, their peers and their patients about PICS symptoms.

  3. To educate everyone about the fact that PICS is a major health crisis.

  4. To recruit new group members to help educate group members.

  5. To encourage former ICU patients and their family members, with LinkedIn accounts, to join this group.

With the support of a growing group membership, we hope to position ourselves as a group with clout necessary to "get a seat at the table with decision-makers" at critical care organizations, hospitals, and health insurance companies.

  1. Should we be fortunate enough to get a "seat at the table," we hope to position ourselves to solicit advice from this group to share with decision makers about commonsense solutions to help solved this complex but solvable medical, financial, sociological, problem.

Our group also hopes to plans to enhance our existing library of articles, research, locations of PICS treatments centers, and other materials and information about the PICS.

We'll ask group members to help us collect materials from PICS researchers, ICU physicians & nurses and others detailing the PICS symptoms to be aware of, availability of PICS clinical in your area and other treatment options.

We'll also ask members to help us fashion surveys for our membership on a multitude of topics to find out what our majority finds to be the most important avenues for us to pursue together.

If you'd like to participate in the leadership of this group or as an Admin, please drop us a message, at your convenience.

Thank you!


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