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Post Intensive Care Syndrome

We hope that our website becomes a "go to" resource for those in medical community who are interested in learning about PICS and PICS-F as well as ICU patients and their families.

AftertheICU invites medical professionals to share their links to websites, articles, research and any other online materials about Post Intensive Care Syndrome ["PICS"] with us. Below is a listing of links, in alphabetical order by names of authors, of online documentation relative to all aspects of PICS and PICS-F.


AftertheICU plans to continue adding to the below links, as we continue with our research. The expansion of online materials about PICS and PICS-F, for medical professionals, is significant and very encouraging.

Utilize the form at tje bottom of this page to submit your suggested links to articles and research.



Please Submit a PICS or PIC-F Related Article or Use this Form to Submit Any Questions or Comments

We believe that the best way we can help the 5,000,0000+ people who will have an ICU experience in 2017 and the medical professionals that will treat them, is to share all available documentation and information about the definition, epidemiology, clinical manifestations, evaluation, treatment, and outcomes for patients with PICS and family members with PICS-F.



Medical Professionals PICS Research and Information Online Library

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