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What is AftertheICU ("AICU")?

We are a group of doctors, former patients and other healthcare professionals, working together to provide ICU patients, their families and other medical professionals with information about the road to recovery after critical illness.

There is a woefully inadequate amount of information about PICS being communicated to the millions of former ICU patients, at least half of whom are suffering from PICS symptoms.  We hope that this website will be a hub for accomplishing our mission to "get the word out" about PICS to as many of people as possible who are suffering from PICS.  We hope that you will join us in this effort.

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What is Post Intensive Care Syndrome ("PICS")?


Thanks to advances in critical care medicine, more and more patients survive critical illnesses and injuries. Unfortunately, with this wonderful improvement in survival rates, a majority of patients who spend time in an Intensive Care Unit ("ICU") experience a myriad of PICS symptoms.  

ICU survivors struggle with a variety of well documented physical, emotional, psychological, and cognitive problems following a stay in an ICU. These collective symptoms are referred to as “Post Intensive Care Syndrome,” or PICS.

Critical care professionals now recognize that former ICU patients suffering from PICS, require specialized care. Brigham & Women's Hospital psudenym for their PICS treatment department is AftertheICU.

PICS Symptoms Impact Former ICU Patients in Many Ways


For example, there are no contradictory studies that challenge the following mainstream conservative estimates:

  • 60% of former ICU patients suffer from depression.

  • 60% of former ICU patients suffer from anxiety.

  • 40% of former ICU patients have cognitive deficits (similar to a traumatic brain injury).

  • 25% of former ICU patients have cognitive deficits (similar to patients with mild dementia

Hospital Staff


Brigham & Women's team of skilled and experienced medical professionals, physicians, psychologists, nurses, critical care staff, and others are dedicated to providing patients state-of-the-art treatment.

Please call our PICS clinic to schedule an appointment at: 844.BWH.LUNG [(844) 294-5864].

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Learn About PICS From Former ICU Patients & Their Families

It is patients and their families that provide us with the best detailed information about actual experiences in the ICU.


Share your story and/or read about other patients' post ICU syndrome related symptoms.

Visit the Only PICS Open Source Online Library

Our volunteers have spent hundreds of hours collecting and organizing all the medical research, mainstream media, videos, magazine articles, newspaper stories into an easy to search database. We are adding to our library all the time.


That's why we invite our visitors to submit all media that they come across that is missing from our library. 

Visit Our Sister Websites, PostICU And MyICU


PostICU and MyICU work in collaboration with AftertheICU. It is our collective mission to provide former ICU patients, their families & friends, and medical providers from across all areas of medicine to take the time to better understand of the far-reaching impact of PICS. Because any effort towards finding a solution to the devastating effects of PICS on tens of millions of people will require an incredible effort, involving the entire medical community working with America's health insurance companies. PICS calls for this type of cross-community, global call to action of all the people and institutions that are touched by PICS.

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