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Schedule an Appointment for a Meeting with an After the ICU Team Member

Meeting with an AICU Team Member does not create a doctor/patient relationship.  


The purpose of a meeting is to discuss PICS and/or FICS in general terms and not with relationship to a specific patient.  AICU will provide answers to any such general questions about PICS and FICS, such as recent medical research in the field and basic concepts.  


AICU will not provide medical advice during any telephone meeting.  Some AICU Team Members are not medical doctors,  and they will identify themselves as such prior to the start of the meeting by their first name and their role at AICU.

Meetings are 30 minutes in length.  Meetings are open to groups of up to 10 people as well as individuals.  

If you have any questions about how to schedule a meeting or what you can expect during a meeting, please send your inquiry to:

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